More than just ice cream.

Beloved BDI

Located at the foot of the historic Elm Park Bridge, the iconic Bridge Drive-In (or 'BDI' as its known to any true Winnipegger) has developed a history as rich as the soft serve it's known for serving.  For over 60 years, we have served Winnipeg the creamiest soft serve, sundaes, sodas and shakes and have come up with some crazy ice cream concoctions along the way.  

Grabbing a 'Goog' or sharing a 'Sleeping Beauty' while taking a stroll across the Bridge has turned into a nostalgic experience that is truly unique to Winnipeg.  And when we open our stand in March of every year, it is the first sign that summer in the City is finally on it's way.

A History of sweet success

While we've made a few changes over the years (like adding vegan soft serve options and building our own ice cream truck), we've also made a conscious effort to keep BDI much the same as it was over 60 years ago.  All of our recipes, handmade toppings, and syrups - right down to our hot fudge, hand-spun milkshakes and soft serve mix have all been made the same way for decades.

That means that whether your customized childhood favourite was a Coke float with a hint of lime, or a double chocolate upside-down malted milkshake, you can rest assured we are still making it the exact same way today as we were when you stood in the BDI lineup many years ago.

Can't beat a classic

BDI has always been and continues to be a place for date nights, family time, celebrations, and much-needed summer breaks. From first dates to wedding photos, family gatherings and friendly celebrations - people continue to come to BDI to experience classic ice cream like it was meant to be.

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